School attendance is not something to be effing rewarded!! 

School attendance is not something to be effing rewarded!! 

Things that are totally annoying #452

I know it’s a total first world problem, but it really annoys my brain when school’s reward children for having 100% attendance. THIS MAKES NO SENSE TO ME. It actually pisses me off.

Who thinks this shit up? Lets reward children for coming to school every day. However it’s not really the kids’ achievement if they go to school every day. It’s the parent or carer who gets them up, dressed and ready and takes them! Clearly the child has been lucky not to have been ill all school year, and of course well done to the mum for getting them there every day. But what message does it send to the kid that has a long term condition and has hospital appointments or a bout of illness, or the kid who caught a sick bug and had to have a day or 2 off after being sick (school’s policy to prevent illness spreading!)? I just think it is such an odd thing to reward.

Why not reward the kid who has tried and tried and tried his best to accomplish something but may not have quite got there – but has really given so much effort? What about the kid who has still managed to do all their homework despite hospital appointments for a long term condition? What about the child in care who has had a hard few years but always has a smile in school? There’s so many more things that can be rewarded! Or plain kindness! 

Some of these kids will NEVER be able to achieve 100% attendance – what can the kids do to improve on this? They can’t do anything at all….  so it’s just silly to reward it!

Also, I think because school’s now reward this ‘achievement’ it means that the kids that are unwell for whatever reason are being taken into school when they should be kept home, because parents don’t want to jeopardise their attendance record. Which means illnesses are being passed around the school, pox, virus’ and bugs are being spread more because parents are marching their kids to school when not totally recovered from their illness to make sure they get their wonderful attendance award at the end of the year. Why? To make the school look good?

The school my 2 attend have a reward system – bronze silver and gold certificates for the kid’s who have full attendance. That’s bad enough. I’ve seen various schools do stuff like theme park days out for the 100% attended kids…. yes, THEME PARKS! Also special lunches (McDonald’s lunch was one I heard of!), parties and soft play days. It really bloody boils my piss. WHY??????

Does your child’s school reward 100% attendance? What do you think about it being rewarded? 


2 thoughts on “School attendance is not something to be effing rewarded!! 

  1. I think rewarding attendance is simply a way of showing it is one of the school’s values. Children with good attendance achieve better grades. It’s been proven again and again. By rewarding good attendance, we show children (and parents) that it matters to their futures.
    Also, I would completely agree with you, if it was the only thing that schools rewarded for. However, I’m positive that it’s not. I’m sure that hard work, achievement, manners and kindness are all rewarded too. Probably more so than attendance. It’s a pretty poor school that wouldn’t acknowledge a child working hard to complete homework around hospital appointments!
    I do see what you mean about genuine illness – obviously it’s not the child’s fault and I don’t think they should be sent to school when they’re poorly. But I also think 100% attendance is pretty impressive and should be rewarded.
    Sorry – that’s a much longer comment than I intended it to be 😂


  2. I am with you 100% with you on this! A couple of years ago my step daughter was really poorly but became nearly hysterical when she was told she couldn’t go to school. She was genuinely riddled with anxiety and disappointment that she wouldn’t get 100% attendance.
    It’s ridiculous, far too much pressure!


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