Confessions of a Stay-at-Home mum

Confessions of a Stay-at-Home mum

I miss having a job.

I miss doing something that I’m good at.

I miss adult conversation that’s not centred around the kids.

I wish I embraced working when I was a working mum.

I miss commuting into the city and having time to read a book on the train.

I feel guilty that all I ever wanted to do be at home full-time with the kids, and now that I am, I’m still not happy.

I wish I could ‘make the most’ of this time.

I wish I didn’t feel resentment towards being at home all the time.

Every day feels like groundhog day.

I’m not sure motherhood is meant to be like this.

I love my kids but being with them 24/7 is draining.

I’m worried I’m not appreciating them enough because I don’t get a break.

I think I’m doing it wrong.

I really do love them so much.

I think they hate me 90% of the time.

I thought I’d be easier.

I bloody hate cooking.

I don’t want them to grow up.

I know I’ll want to go back to this stage when they’re older.

I would love to have the perfect balance.

I don’t know what the perfect balance is.

I’m sick of the sound of my own voice.

I would like to stay in bed for a whole day.

I miss work Christmas do’s, work politics, and all the things that irritated me when I was working!

I’m a really shit housewife.

I’m not sure I’m meant to admit to any of this.

Hannah Spannah
You Baby Me Mummy

10 thoughts on “Confessions of a Stay-at-Home mum

  1. honestly your doing fine i relate to a lot of the points above. id love to have time to go a wee and drink a hot cup of tea. as mothers we do whats best for our familys 🙂 #thepod


  2. Your to hard on yourself… your a great mum and your best is good enough. Who says there is a right or wrong way.. every child is different therefore every parenting experience will be different. Give yourself a break. Xx


  3. I wish I got a twenty dollar bill with every diaper change. 🙂 Being a Mom is one of the most difficult unappreciated jobs on the planet. We are not allowed sick days, we do not get paid vacations, and it shows when we do slack. Some gyms have daycares. It may do you a lot of good to go to the gym and have the kids play while you work out and speak with other women. Also see if there are any meet up groups for Moms in your area. Just breathe it will get better. Feeling like this is normal and venting is good.


  4. Parenting is tough but nobody is perfect at it. Believe that what you do is the right thing for your family. Many people would love to have what you have. Remembering the good times is great but there is always more around the corner #weekendblogshare Have a wonderful Christmas


  5. I feel you! Being a stay at home mom is BY FAR one of the hardest things I have ever done… And then I found out that with a big gap in your resume your options are really limited on the other end too. I wound up starting my own business and just began writing a blog about what it’s been like for me to be an “accidental housewife” and try to climb out of it just this week. I’m going to follow you so that we can commiserate! Hang in there! They say what doesn’t break you makes you stronger. And, what I’ve found is that the hardest things I’ve done in life turn out to be the most rewarding –and those kids are the best reward I’ve ever had!


  6. If it’s any consolation there are so many others, including me, who all feel that this at some point being a SAHM. Who knows what the balance is as it’s such a personal question and it’s what works for everyone. I think by saying/writing this out loud you’re on the first step towards change. Changing this is brave and a courageous but so is having children and keeping them alive!! Don’t be too hard on yourself because parenting is possibly the hardest thing I think we can ever do.


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