Shit Sunday

Shit Sunday

Sunday! Funday? NO!

Sunday’s are crap. You know the weekend is almost over. The mound of un-ironed school uniform screams at you “Time’s up, bitch!”.

Sundays also go so quickly. One minute is 10am, then it’s 5pm. Boooo! Go away evil weekend stealer.

I spend hours ironing and muttering how I should have done all this before now. Especially this Sunday when it’s the end of half term and I’ve had an extra week to get it done! (Must stop putting off things to last minute, always bites you in the ass!)

The only silver lining on the cloud of Sunday is the lovely roast dinner I’ll be eating and won’t have cooked *high five mum!* and later when the kids are all in bed and I’ll be watching The X Factor results show, complaining again that the knob that is Honey G surely has to leave this week?????

So far today, the delights of motherhood have included:

  • The Big Boy having a nosebleed because the Toddler punched him in the nose
  • The Toddler emptying a packet of baby wipes whilst I dared to try and tidy up and not pay him attention for a whole minute – WHY OH WHY DO THEY DO THIS?
  • The big 2 doing play dough really nicely together but insisting to show me their creations every 12 seconds…. yes that’s lovely but make something more detailed next time!
  • Being woken at 5:30am by the Biggest (FUCK YOU DAYLIGHT SAVINGS WHATEVER!)
  • The Toddler screaming BUBBLES at me for daring to blow bubbles with him a week ago and now he thinks it’s a daily hourly occurrence!

Happy Sunday people! I hope you’re all getting to eat some yummy food that you may or may not have cooked yourself… Oh and power and strength to the mums out there who’s kids have ANOTHER week of half term…mine don’t. Thankfully!



3 thoughts on “Shit Sunday

  1. haha! i’m enclined to agree…iron uniforms is shit
    cooking my own sunday dinner is shit
    honey G is defo shit
    yep your spot on sundays are a pile of shit
    roll on monday….er no..hmmm hang on a minute..roll on next saturday then haha!


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